10 June 2012

Home made Fish Paste

Making of Fish Paste using Mackerel Fish

My mum always makes her own fish paste in stead of buying ready-made type as it is related to

  1. Cleanliness and Hygenic
  2. Texture: Spongy and Bouncy
  3. Cheaper
  4. Can be kept in freezer for weeks. Just de froze it and ready to use

I learn from my mum on what kind of fish to choose, which size is most appropriate to make the paste, technique of scraping the fish meat and the scoop and dump method ( shown as video below)

Note: Scoop and Dump Method can help to improve the texture and stickiness of the fish paste. It is done when the fish paste is not sticky and can be formed a dough size

The strong crave of homemade fish ball so I decide to give a try on making my own. I went to wet market looking for mackerel fish. My mum told me 25cm length mackerel fish made better fish paste. I request the fish uncle to slice the mackerel as fillets for easier scraping.

Making of own fish paste requires a lot of patience and work. The tedious efforts will definitely paid off as the taste and texture will not disappoint you and definitely worth a “THUMB-UP”.


1 Mackerel Fish Fillets (600g)
Salt and Pepper


1.Dilute 1 tsp of salt with 3 tbsp of water. Set aside
2.Scrap fish meat off from fish skin in one direction

3.Wet your hands with the salted water and using your hand to mix   the fish meat till it form a paste

4.Using the Scoop and Dump method to reduce the stickiness and improve the bounce texture.

5.Continue step 3 till the fish paste is not sticky and not stick to the bowl

6.Can separate 2 portion and store in the freezer


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