19 September 2012

Lemon Creme Brulee

A French Dessert of Burnt Cream



A rich, creamy custardy dessert with a layer of a hard caramel. It is normally best to be served cold.

This Burnt Cream is an expensive dessert served in restaurant which ranging around SG6 to SG15. So let’s make it yourself. This is the simple recipes which I extracted from Allrecipes.com and I have modified some of the steps. Happy Trying!!!

16 September 2012

Strawberries Moist Chocolate Cake

Superlicious Moist Chocolate Cake


This is my second time making birthday cake. This is for my sister in law, Miss Jam Jam. Chocolate is always her all time favorite. As per requested, I made her this Chocolate Moist Cake. I had a great compliments from her and her family. HAHAHA. She definitely had made my day. I always feel delighted when someone enjoyed my cooking and baking.

12 August 2012

Kuih Tako Pandan

EX Dessert with Simple Ingredients

I ordered this dessert from a Thai restaurant which cost me for SG1.50 per piece. When i made this on my own, it's just cost me less than SG5. Here is my ingredients price breakdown:

10 July 2012

Apple Pear Almond Soup

Lung Nourishing Fruity Soup

Have you ever tried cooking soup using fruits?? This soup is great to be consumed in such humid and hot weather. With the combination of Sweet and bitter almond, it helps in relieving coughs.

08 July 2012

Hong Kong Styled Steam Carrot Cake

All Time Favorite Dim Sum

Honey Glazed Stew Char Siu (蜜汁燜叉燒)

A Good Companion of Steamed Rice

When we think of Cha Siu, the preparation methods are roast or oven-bake. But the char siu I make is slightly different, I use STEWING method and it turns out to be more tender and juicier! Here is my sharing... Happy Trying yaaa.