08 July 2012

Hong Kong Styled Steam Carrot Cake

All Time Favorite Dim Sum


600g to 800g   White Radish (Shredded)
300g           Rice Flour (粘米粉)           
30g            Wheat Flour (澄粉)     
2              Chinese Sausage(diced)
150g           Dried Shrimp(Soaked and minced)
5              Mushrooms (Soaked and diced)
10             Shallots(Sliced and Fried)
5              Shallots (For Frying Dried Shrimp)
5              clove of garlic (minced)
900ml          Water+Radish Juice      

TIPS: To obtain the radish juice, slightly squeeze the shredded white radish.

3tbsp          Shitake Mushroom Sauce
1 cube                    Knor Chicken Stock
1/2 tbsp       White pepper


  1. Heat wok at low fire. Add in diced chinese sausage and keep stir-frying to render out the fat, keep the oil and set the chinese sausage aside
  2. Heat wok with oil. Add in sliced shallots and dried shrimp. Stir Fry till brown and crispy. Set aside.

  1. Mix rice flour and wheat flour. Sift them. Slowly add in water+radish juice to sifted flour and mix well.

  1. Heat up lard oil from chinese sausage. Add in shredded white raddish and diced mushroom. Add in salt and chicken stock. Stir fry till white raddish color turns to translucent.
  2. Add in Chinese sausage, fried dried shrimps and flour mixture to cooked raddish. Reduce heat and cook flour mixture till slightly thicken.
TIPS: Cooking flour mixture in low heat
- to prevent the flour being overcook
- to keep a smooth texture of the cake

  6. Pour the cooked flour mixture into a steaming pan.
  7. Steam at high heat for at least 1 hour.

 TIPS: To see how the steam carrot cake is cooked by using a chopstick to poke the middle of the cake. If the flour does not stick on the chopstick, this means it is done!

  8. Remove from steamer and let it cool
  9. Garnish with spring onions, red chilli, fried onions



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