01 July 2012

Black Chicken Soup with Ophiopogon Root

A Must Try Soup Recipe

Recipes adapted from newspaper cuttings

In this recipe, I reduced the number of red dates from 9 to 4 while i replaced with 1 Candied Jujube.
This is increase the sweetness of th soup.

Before I decided to cook this soup, I did research on the Chinese herbs used in this recipe and did a simple benefit compilation as shown below:

  1. Mai Dong- This explains clearly in the newspaper cuttings above
  2. Yu Zhu- To treat dry lungs and to strengthen the stomach and balance heatiness
  3. Candied Jujube- To prevent common cold and reduce  allergic symptoms like asthma and nasal inflammation
  4. Red dates- To stimulate the production of white blood cells, which improves immunity, and decrease the levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream
  5. Dried Shiitake Mushroom- To boost immune system and anti-oxidant
  6. Wolfberry- To act as immune booster, eye health booster, anti-inflammatory, and anti aging
  7. Dang Shen- To prevent heart disease, To increase immunity, lower blood pressure, increase appetite, increase energy and stamina


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