12 August 2012

Kuih Tako Pandan

EX Dessert with Simple Ingredients

I ordered this dessert from a Thai restaurant which cost me for SG1.50 per piece. When i made this on my own, it's just cost me less than SG5. Here is my ingredients price breakdown:

Pandan= SG0.60
Green Pea Flour=SG1
Water Chestnuts= SG0.80
Coconut Milk= SG1
Rice Flour= Available in my stock
Sugar= Available in my stock

U must be surprised on the price of ingredients and yet the ready products are so expensive. HAHA... Anyway, this is my first time trying out on this kuih. Reviews are good though!!! Oh yaaa, thanks for my sis in law's suggestion on adding some corns into the coconut layer. I'm very sure they are perfect combinations! COCONUT LAYER WITH CORN + PANDAN LAYER WITH WATER CHESTNUTS!

Making of Pandan Leafs Casing


Broad Type of Pandan leaves
Staples (Washed)


Making of Pandan Layer

Ingredients A: (mixed)
30g     Cornflour

30g     Green Pea Flour
200ml   Water

Ingredients B: (mixed)
60g     white sugar

250ml   Pandan Juice
A pinch of salt

Ingredients C: (Peeled and finely diced)
150g    Chinese Water Chestnut


  1. Combine ingredients A and B in a pot.
  2. Stir and cook till it starts to thicken and bubble
  3. Remove from heat
  4. Add in diced chestnuts and mix well
  5. Spoon mixture into casings and knock lightly on tabletop to even out the kuih

Making of  Coconut Layer

30g    Rice Flour
30g    Green Pea Flour
250ml  Coconut milk
350ml  Water
60g    White Sugar
A pinch of Salt

  1. Combine ingredients in a pot
  2. Stir and cook till it starts to thicken and bubble
  3. Remove from heat
  4. Spoon on top of Pandan Layer and knock lightly to even out. Set aside till cool
  5. Keep in fridge for one or two hours
  6. Serve well while chilled


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