05 June 2012

Amy’s Soya Sauce Chicken

Soya sauce chicken is all time favorite. My mum teaches me to use combination of light soya sauce and dark sauce, red onion and garlic. From there, I would like to give a try with addition of ingredients like using this sauce to stew hard boiled eggs It is worth giving a try. The left over chicken soya sauce can keep in the freezer for any quick meals usage like fried bee hoon or any meat stir fry.  


1 whole chicken 1kg or 2 huge chicken legs
1 bottle of Tai Hua Chicken Marinade
1 cup of red dates dark soya sauce
1 cup of water
1 clove of garlic
10 red onions
1 big onion
4 hard-boiled eggs
rock sugar (sweetness depends on individual preference)


  1. Mix Tai Hua Chicken Marinade, sweet soya sauce, garlic, red onion, big onion and rock sugar together and bring to boil
  2. Add in chicken and bring to boil
  3. Lower down fire and add in hard boil eggs
  4. Simmer the chicken and eggs for 30 to 45mins


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