19 April 2012

Japanese Curry Fried Rice

I always love Japanese curry. Recently i bought a box of S&B instant fried rice mix which consists of 3 packets. It's a curry flavour. The mix help me to save alot of time in preparing my dinner for two in just 30mins.

Japanese Curry Fried Rice

Ingredients: (All vegetables)

2 bowls of white rice (prepared overnight)
1 box of S&B instant fried rice mix (use 2 packets)
1 egg
1/2 bowl of fresh corn
1/2 bowl of carrot
Spring Onion
Olive oil

  1. Heat wok with olive oil. Stir fry all vegetables till soft and sprinkle the mix onto the vegetables. Set aside
  2. Add oil, egg and rice. Mix well and add in the mix powder. Keep stirring rice till well mix
  3. Lastly, add in spring onion.



  1. May i know where to buy this instant fried rice mix??

  2. do i need to add water to make the curry mix? i am afraid if i put it in the pan like that the powder will not be even over the rice